20 Best Apple Watch Series 5 Boxing Day 2022 Sale Canada & Deals

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Are you ready for Boxing Day Sales Canada 2022 ? Here I have picked some best deals on  Apple Watch Series 5 during this Apple Watch Series 5 Boxing Day Sales Canada 2022 . During this Boxing Day Sales 2022 , you can save your money from the top stores like Best Buy and Walmart much more from here.

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Apple unveils Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch has improved greatly each year, but it still has a hard time competing with the iPhone. While the iPhone 11 series has been all over the news and its features have been widely reported, the main selling point of the Apple Watch Series 5 was the always-on display, which caught many people off guard when it was unveiled at the same event.

Apple Watch now has the ability to make emergency calls to local authorities in over 150 countries without the need for an iPhone to be present, thanks to a number of new location-based features such as a built-in compass and current elevation. Aluminum, stainless steel, ceramic, and the brand new titanium are just some of the materials used in the construction of the Apple Watch Series 5. With watchOS 6’s new health and fitness features like Cycle Tracking, the Noise app, and Activity Trends, users are in charge of their own well-being like never before.

A man wearing the apple 5 series watvh in his erist with the bakcground of sunflower

Retina Display That Never Sleeps

The Series 5 Apple Watch has a brand redesigned display that always shows the time and other vital information. The new display has been meticulously optimised for each watch face, and it intelligently dims when the user puts their wrist down to conserve power and brightens again when the wrist is raised or tapped. The first and only LTPO display, ultra-low power display driver, efficient power management IC, and new ambient light sensor are just some of the cutting-edge technology that come together to bring you this innovative new function. The 18-hour battery life of Apple Watch Series 5 is the result of cutting-edge hardware design and meticulous software engineering. 2

GIF illustrating Apple Watch Series 5’s dimming functionality.
With just a flick of your wrist, the screen’s brightness and darkness may be adjusted automatically.


Customers now have improved navigational tools thanks to Apple Watch Series 5’s upgraded location features. A compass is now integrated into the device, and the Maps app has been upgraded so that users can tell which direction they are looking. The new Compass app available on Apple Watch Series 5 allows users to view their heading, slope, latitude, longitude, and current elevation. In addition, three additional Compass complications are available for users to add to their watch face in order to quickly and easily determine which direction they are facing.
Apple Watch Series 5’s new Compass app in action.
The new Compass app is available for Apple Watch Series 5.
A Series 5 Apple Watch displaying the Maps app.
The newest version of Google’s mapping software adds a direction finder.
The Apple Watch Series 5 training screen, showing elevation data and other metrics.

with watchOS 6, you can see how high you currently are.

Emergency 911 Dialing Abroad

Users of the cellular Apple Watch Series 5 can now make international calls to emergency services regardless of where they bought the device or whether or not they activated a cellular plan, providing a measure of comfort to those who travel frequently. If the user has enabled international emergency calling on their Apple Watch, and they have fallen and been immobile for more than a minute, their Apple Watch will immediately dial 911.
New in Apple Watch Series 5 is the ability to make an emergency call.
The Series 5 Apple Watch now has the capability to make international emergency calls.

watchOS 6.0

watchOS 6 adds new health and fitness capabilities, such as the Cycle Tracking app, which allows users to conveniently track data about their menstrual cycles on Apple Watch and get predictions for when your next period and fertile windows will be.

3 Activity Trends on the iPhone gives users a long-term look at their activity patterns to help them comprehend their progress, while the Noise app lets them assess the ambient sound levels in potentially damaging settings like concerts and sporting events. Meridian, Modular Compact, and Solar Dial are just a few of the innovative new watch faces available in watchOS 6, all of which can be easily customised to provide you with faster access to your preferred apps.


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